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Medical innovation and an ageing population are driving up the cost of health care. There is a constant tension between managing soaring costs and improving patient and population outcomes. Key areas of focus include how to:

  • Provide Integrated Care throughout a patient journey
  • Build secure and private systems to share critical patient information.
  • Innovate in Health Care delivery to reduce the rate of growth in Health Care Costs
  • Understand the real cost of patient care and how the costs compare with health outcomes.
  • Improve the complex back office systems that support health management and finance.

How we can help

The Litmus team assists public sector health providers to manage costs and improve outcomes through:

  • Clinical Process Modelling
  • Organisational Change Management
  • Management of Programs of Change
  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • IT strategy and performance
  • Enterprise resource planning advisory
  • Project design and implementation
  • Establishing and running Program Management Offices.

Case study

NSW Health is implementing an Intensive Care Information System to enhance the quality of care to critically ill patients. The system will have significant benefits in patient outcomes in addition to providing more efficient care and reducing overall costs.

There are more than 40 Intensive Care Units in NSW. Currently only a small number have Clinical Information Systems, most have paper based systems. The challenge of developing common processes across different units and managing the change is significant.

Litmus has partnered with iMDsoft, a leading provider of Clinical Information Systems to deliver this solution. The Litmus role is to develop the common processes to be delivered by the solution, and manage the organisational change associated with the new system.

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