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Merger and Integration

Across all industries and measures of success, less than 50% of mergers meet their planned goals. A large percentage actually ends up diluting shareholder value, rather than increasing it.

The causes of merger failure stem from factors such as poor strategic fit, overly optimistic estimates, and inability to execute quickly and effectively while balancing the day-to-day demands of business.

However, sustainable value can be realised with the right level of strategic planning and rapid integration.  

Our Merger and Integration services

Due diligence

Litmus works with clients to ensure the strategic fit of any potential acquisition or merger with the growth principles in the company’s overarching corporate strategy. We also help to clarify and specify exactly what you expect to gain from the acquired entity.

Our process of investigating a potential target provides in-depth due diligence into financial, technical, operational and cultural implications.


Integration planning is a critical element that should start before any deal is finalised. It provides an understanding of the target’s environment and the required elements, sequence and priorities of the final integration program. We work with our clients to ensure a comprehensive, effective plan is prepared and can be implemented quickly.

Post-merger integration

Studies have found that two critical components of successful merger integration are speed and execution. This is why Litmus adopts a speed-to-value process that is customised to meet the specific needs of each client and transaction.

During this phase, our integration team works with members of both the client and target companies to rapidly implement the first 100 days of the integration plan, driving the teams to focus on the value and synergies that formed the basis for the transaction.

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