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Project Advisory and Delivery

Many organisations struggle to execute strategy using only their internal project and program delivery capability.  In Litmus’s experience, this is why good projects supported by good project managers often fail to achieve their objectives.  Litmus offers a range of project delivery capabilities to augment internal resources and therefore provide greater surety over project delivery.  

Our Project Advisory and Delivery services include:

  • Program design and delivery.
  • Establishing and running Program Management Offices.
  • Balanced Scorecard.

Program design and delivery

Execution of complex strategies depends as much on the structuring of the portfolio of work as the delivery capability of individual project managers. Litmus works with organisations to design programs of work that optimise execution capability, aligning project impact and interdependency across variables such as risk, resourcing and costs.  Our expertise and experience in delivering program management helps to manage risk and accelerate execution and benefits realisation.

Establishing and running Program Management Offices (PMOs)

Also called strategic program management and the value management office, PMOs support execution by providing delivery, financial and reporting services. Litmus designs the optimal PMO service for the unique demands of individual organisations and their programs and projects.

Balanced Scorecard

Litmus uses the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) to demonstrate how well an organisation’s operations remain aligned to its vision. BSC is integral to maintaining the link between operations/delivery and the organisation’s aspirational and often reported goals.

Litmus offers a range of BSC models and frameworks designed to meet the requirements for visibility over a range of strategic, program or even project measurements.

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