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IT Advisory

IT departments used to manage hardware, software and computer networks.  Now the work they perform underpins our very ability to transact business with our customers.

IT departments need to deliver tangible value to the business.  They must be agile, efficient, and enablers of growth that supports the business strategy.  It is a challenging mindset for a function that has usually come from a technical viewpoint often removed from business goals.

Our IT Advisory services

IT strategy and performance

An effective IT strategy must be a subset and enabler of both the overall business strategy and that of each department.  It must be developed with a deep understanding of the business and its drivers, taking into account the latest technologies and trends that could possibly change the business environment.

Like any strategy, a good IT strategy needs to be measurable and have clearly articulated milestones to justify its expenditure.  Our expertise and proven approach for IT strategy development, refinement or validation ensures that your IT strategy is best suited to delivering optimal value for your organisation.

Enterprise Resource Advisory

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are a vital backbone to a truly competitive business.  ERP solutions are often complex and have many inherent risks in implementation, upgrades, and achieving the promised operational benefits.

Our ERP advisory practice has many years of experience in successfully delivering optimised ERP solutions regardless of the software, maturity of the business, or stage of the solution lifecycle.

Project design and implementation

Getting a project off to the right start is critical to its success. Without the proper planning and foundations (including defining what success looks like), many projects are doomed before they even start.

IT projects, because of their statistically high failure rate, must have the right mix of people, process and technology from the outset to ensure there are no surprises and that the intended value is delivered.  Our practitioners have used leading methodologies, including Prince2 and PMBoK, to design and implement successful IT projects around the world.  We can assist you in defining and achieving what success means for you and your project.

Transforming IT organisations

The way an IT department is arranged and how it operates are keys to its quality of support for the business and its ability to deliver real value.  This means having a highly integrated department, fostering a unique culture, and implementing industry standard career paths and processes to attract skilled individuals in a competitive marketplace.

Our approach to transforming IT departments pulls together leading practice thinking – COBIT, VALIT, ITIL and SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age) – and is regularly updated by experienced practitioners from throughout the Highland Worldwide network.

The approach has been proven globally to deliver:

  • Increased value for money
  • Internal capability improvements
  • More flexible resourcing
  • Common tools and practices
  • Enhanced credibility for the IT department within the business.

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