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New Network Water Maturity Model launched

The water industry is facing increasing challenges such as water supply stress due to climate change, increasing climate variability and growing customer and community demand, along with internal challenges such as ageing assets and an ageing workforce. In order to meet these challenges water utilities need to enhance their network and realise the benefits of an advanced water network.

With the aim to support water utilities on this journey, Litmus Group is excited to announce the launch of our newly created Network Water Maturity Model (NWWM).  Developed with the support of the water industry experts of the Cordence Worldwide Network, the maturity model is a management tool that provides an organisation wide framework outlining the characteristics of an advanced water network, at various stages of maturity.

Electricity companies have long had the benefit of the Smart Grid Maturity Model from Carnegie Mellon University to benchmark maturity and guide strategy development and transformation roadmaps. The Litmus Group have used the Smart Grid Maturity Model principles to build a similar model for water utilities.

The Smart Water Maturity Model is now available globally for use by the Cordence Worldwide clients. It covers core domains, namely Grid Operations, Works and Asset Management, Customer and Value Chain Integration, as well as enabling domains including strategy and regulatory, technology and communications, people and organisation and operating model.

Clients will be able to access the model from any of the Cordence Worldwide Network firms ( and will benefit by applying the maturity model in combination with practical and pragmatic consulting advice.

To learn more about the model please contact Ian McRae

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