Career Path

At Litmus we provide a defined career path from Consultants through to Partners.


A Consultant at Litmus is an individual who is embarking upon a new career in consulting.  They have been high achievers in their academic pursuits and their working experience and are keen to apply their knowledge and skills to the various challenges encountered on client engagements.  They are highly valued members of our team who seek out opportunities and are not afraid to ask questions.

Senior Consultant

Senior Consultants at Litmus are in the phase of their career path where they are starting to demonstrate leadership qualities and are fine tuning their communication and technical consulting skills. They are adept at building relationships and the team values their experience and knowledge gained thus far. Senior Consultants are vital to the success of our client engagements and serve as role models to the Consultants within Litmus.

Managing Consultant

Managing Consultants are able to demonstrate their skills in leading and developing teams around them. Managing Consultants need to have the ability to clearly communicate and to manage the expectations of our clients. Being able to deal with ambiguity is a valued attribute at all levels of the business.  Managing Consultants typically have a breadth of experience which they draw upon to execute and deliver outcomes that exceed our clients’ expectations.  Managing Consultants will be starting to build their business development skills with clients. .

Executive Consultant

An Executive Consultant is a leader in the development of the business and our Litmus methodologies.  They are team leaders who ensure value is delivered to our clients. An Executive Consultant effectively has the ability to manage engagements whilst also contributing to the sales effort and bringing in new work.  They are highly communicative to those more senior, as well having refined their skills in empowering those operating at levels below them on their career path. They know what it takes to deliver the outcomes our clients’ desire.

Principal Consultant

A Principal Consultant is focused on delivery and thought leadership. They have extensive experience and deep capability in their chosen area of expertise. Our Principal Consultants fill roles such as Major Programme Delivery Lead and Litmus Service Line Lead.


A Partner is a highly experienced consultant with broad knowledge in a multitude of industries & disciplines and/or extensive deep knowledge in a single industry. They are adept at building and extending the client base and are proficient networkers.  They have an innate ability to identify and realise opportunities. Partners understand the commercial imperatives of the organisation and will negotiate favourable business terms for the company.

Senior Partner

A Senior Partner at Litmus promotes and maintains the strategic course and sets the standards and structures within which the company operates.  A Senior Partner is often a specialist in a particular area or field of consulting, although still has a breadth of knowledge and experience across all of the Litmus service offerings.  They are the role models for the company and exemplify the core values of Litmus.

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